Speak up to protect this beautiful, misunderstood predator

Who Speaks For Wolf is my journey to educate the public on canis lupus and to promote conservation efforts to provide protection for this wonderful, misunderstood animal. It is a way for the wolf’s voice to be heard and acknowledged.

I own four “wolves”, Tundra, Meshach, Nahanni & Mahikan. All are wolf-dogs, with Tundra being 90% wolf and Meshach is 50% wolf, Nahanni is an Arctic wolf & Mahikan is a black-phase wolf. Through owning these four magnificent creatures, I have learned and gained an immense amount of respect for wolves. Nahanni & Mahikan (which is wolf in Cree language) are very recent additions. They are 25 months old (May 2014 – brought them home) and they all are a joy to interact with daily.

Tundra as a pupFor the past eight years, I have been conducting presentations on wolves for schools and community groups. We have visited over 140 schools and seen over 23,000 students and teachers. Tundra is the star of the show as she gently interacts with the students and public.

It is my hope that I can meet the challenge set out by L. David Mech, one of the world’s preeminent wolf biologists, in his quote:

“I hope I can help other people to see the wolf for what it is: one more magnificent species, superbly adapted to contend with its harsh environment, and highly deserving of our understanding and acceptance.”

From the wolfman: Gary R. Allan