Tundra & Dr. Jane Goodall

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 , Tundra & I traveled to Kelowna, BC to hear Dr. Goodall speak. Tundra & I did a wolf presentation that afternoon before her evening speech. The night before one of Dr. Goodall’s Canadian Institute staff contacted me & stated that Jane Goodall wanted to […]

Nearly one year old!

Nahanni & Mahikan turned 11 months old, one week ago. My they have grown since I brought them home. They are very comfortable here & have great delight in playing with the older wolves. Nahanni loves to play with Tundra & Mahikan loves Meshach. After dinner, they become very active […]

Nahanni & Mahikan

June 2, 2014 – Another long, busy day for the 2 pups playing in the run. Mahikan took some of her food today, such as 3 pieces of chicken neck & back & buried them. The first piece she buried for about 5 minutes until Nahanni got to close & […]

Nahanni & Mahikan

May 24, 2014 – Both pups were out playing with the 2 older wolfdogs & that video can be viewed in the Gallery on the website. Tundra was very gentle with them but she did not like them under her paws. Meshach is finding it difficult to socialize with them […]