Feb. 6/2011

Well it was the day I had to depart. It had been snowing since the previous evening & we were supposed to get 15-20cm. It would have been great fun hiking in this weather because I would have been able to see fresh tracks. I had a great time enjoying […]


BC Fish & Wildlife anti-wolf faction in a quandary This all powerful faction has orchestrated this draconian draft wolf management plan for BC’s wolves. They then thought they could slip it by the BC public & other citizens of the world by allowing only 3 weeks of public comment on […]

Feb. 5/2011

Got colder again as it dropped to -12C. Had 2 local residents to come & see Tundra again to get pictures. Don & Karen took pictures & marvelled at her beauty. In afternoon, went out to Maureen’s farm where she has seen wolves but they do not harm her livestock […]


Wolves more Ecologically Friendly than Cattle When wolves from Canada were reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995 & 1996, the changes to the landscape in the next 10 years were remarkable. Wolves started predating on elk which had denuded much of northern Yellowstone’s aspen & willow forests. These are the benefits […]

Feb. 4/2011

Cloudy today & on our early morning walk we encountered 3 moose but thankfully Tundra & Meshach did not pull. Just enjoyed this beautiful country by hiking in its presence again.

Feb. 3/2011

Lightly snowing today. Had a beautiful 6km walk up Macdonald Lk. Rd. it was so inspiring to be out in the wilderness all alone & just enjoying its beauty. No wolves today.

Feb. 1/2011

On our early morning walk before breakfast, we heard wolves howl to the west of us & the pack across the lake to the south, responded for about 3-5 minutes. Tundra & Meshach listened intently & then a most exciting thing occured. Tundra who seldom howls as she is very […]

Jan. 31/2011

Somewhat warmer this morning. Remember Henny & Vince? Well they organized a presentation on wolves with Tundra at an elementary school in Houston. Did the presentation in the afternoon for 200 students, teachers & 12 sets of parents. They all enjoyed meeting Tundra & I have received many emails from […]

Jan. 28/2011

Bright sunny day but getting colder at -14C. Went up to the farm & saw 4 moose in a 2-3km area. There is lots of prey up here for wolves, along with the deer. The moose & deer enjoy the clear cut areas where they have logged but the moose […]