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Public Environmental Rights

Public Environmental Rights   Last article introduced us to the doctrine of the public trust and it applicability to wildlife conservation. In my legal research there are a number of articles on point. Articles such as Rescuing Wolves from Politics: Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource by Jeremy T. Bruskotter, […]

Is Wildlife a Public Resource?

Public Trust Doctrine and Wildlife Conservation   What is the Public Trust Doctrine (PTD)? This legal concept originates from Roman civil law. Roman Emperor Justinian in AD 530, convened his top legal advisors to codify the laws of the Empire into what is referred as “The Institutes of Justinian.” The […]

Pups are 1 year old!

Nahanni & Mahikan turned one year on April 11 & 13 respectively. Much progress & size development have occurred in this past year. From the shy, very wary wolf pups I got from the breeder, with many hours of gentle interaction with them, they have developed into very loving, beautiful […]


Oct. 13, 2014 – Nahanni is 6 months old this weekend. What significant changes in the 5 months he has been with us. When he arrived as a 5 week old pup he was 10lbs. which was very large for such a young pup. He is now over 80lbs. & […]


Oct. 11, 2014 – She will be six months old on Thanksgiving & what a treat she has been. This 7.6lb pup joined our pack on May 22nd & she quickly established herself as the “little wolverine”. She was kind & gentle in her interactions with us but even though […]

Nahanni & Mahikan

Oct. 10, 2014 – Both these pups will be 6 months old this weekend & there has been a world of change from when I got them at 5 weeks old. That may sound like a stupid statement but obviously true. When I picked them up from the airport, where […]