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Rainy Season

Sept. 23/2014 – The rains are starting & Nahanni & Mahikan are playing in the rain. They have 5 areas to escape the rain but they prefer being under the deck. Nahanni likes to lay in the rain & with his thick coat he stays dry & warm underneath. Mahikan […]

Many more visitors

August 17, 2014 – Tundra & Meshach & the two little pups have received many visitors in the past 2 weeks. Last Monday a group of professional wildlife photographers took pictures of all four & they were most impressed. All these visitors have been word of mouth as I am […]

On cougar watch

August 14, 2014 – Was informed by a neighbor yesterday that a young male cougar has been spotted twice in the neighborhood. I decided to sleep outside with Meshach to ensure the pups were safe. They were surprised & I think dismayed to see that I was using some of […]

Tundra feeds pups again

August 4, 2014 – This evening Tundra came outside & the pups greeted her. She was snarly to them but they always forgive. She came back inside & ate her food from yesterday. She then went back outside & the pups greeted her very friendly while she snarled at them. […]

Pups first hunting trip

August 3, 2014- Woke up this morning at 5AM & went out to greet the pups. They are usually waiting for me at the door. They get active around 4AM, so they are up before me. They know they are getting treats & they know exactly which pocket they are […]

Tyee Wolf Article

July 30, 2014 – On Friday, July 25th, an article that I co-authored with Brad Hill, was published in the Tyee. Brad, is a biologist & professional wildlife photographer, & someone I have been working with for the past 8-9 months on wolf conservation issues. Brad & I compared the […]