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Wolves more Ecologically Friendly than Cattle When wolves from Canada were reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995 & 1996, the changes to the landscape in the next 10 years were remarkable. Wolves started predating on elk which had denuded much of northern Yellowstone’s aspen & willow forests. These are the benefits […]


BC Fish & Wildlife anti-wolf faction in a quandary This all powerful faction has orchestrated this draconian draft wolf management plan for BC’s wolves. They then thought they could slip it by the BC public & other citizens of the world by allowing only 3 weeks of public comment on […]


Draft BC Wolf Plan Response to the Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in BC In thoroughly reviewing this draft plan which has been an ongoing draft for at least 18-24 months, I find the document to be completely unbalanced. Its main purpose is to draft a document that […]


Winter is Coming Tundra’s coat is getting thicker & more luxurious. This is the main way a wolf stays warm in the winter.  It starts growing in late August as the sun gets lower in the sky it triggers a hormone to start producing the winter coat. Wolves live in […]

Nov 2, 2012

International Wolf Conference From Oct. 23-24, I attended this conference in Thompson, MB with many of the top wolf biologists in attendance. Many topics were presented but the main value of this conference was meeting & talking privately to the likes of David Mech, Paul Paquet, and Marco Musiani. Thompson’s […]

Jan. 24/2011

Arrived at the resort around 11AM & on route saw my first moose. Susan, owner of the resort had done some preliminary work for me by indicating areas where the local residents had recently spotted wolves, so I concentrated my search efforts on these 3 areas. I also met Roy […]

Jan. 25/2011

Bright sunny day with temp. around -1C. This is prime wolf country. The altitude is 2,400 – 2,800 feet with lots of moose & deer. It is a high plateau with rolling hills & ringed by large mountains on 3 sides but not the east. Walked up MacDonald Lake Rd. […]

Jan. 26/2011

Cloudy & quite warm today. Unseasonably. Walked 2-3 km up the Macdonald Lk. Rd in the morning & on the way back to the cabin, saw a wolf out on the frozen lake by Paradise Island where they had been spotted. The wolf was standing & when I stopped the […]

Jan. 27/2011

Bright sunny day & Susan had organized a wolf presentation with Tundra at the resort in the afternoon. Word had travelled fast that there was a wolf staying there so about 20-25 local residents came. This included trappers, guide outfitter & a mother & her 3 children. Tundra was well […]