Nahanni & Mahikan

June 13, 2014 – When I went out to trailer first thing this morning, both pups came running to the door. Mahikan was whining so I started to howl & she howled along which is the first time she has done that. Nahanni is the silent one.

They had great fun playing with Tundra this morning but she got Nahanni in a frenzied state so I put her in the house but she just opens the door & comes back out. Mahikan was a bit concerned over the behavior so I was able to pick her up & comfort her. She was very calm in my arms & wanted back down in about 5 minutes. Nahanni would jump up my leg to try & see Mahikan.

This evening some neighbors came down to see Tundra & Meshach not knowing we have 2 new pups. They were excited & the pups came very close to the fence to see them. Sally was able to pick Mahikan up & bring her over to get petted which she liked. I was able to approach her at the fence without her running away.

Sally is developing a very close relationship with Nahanni. He comes to her, as does Mahikan & he washes her face. She rubs his belly & pets Mahikan softly too. Both pups really enjoy it here & it is hard to get them in the trailer after their evening walk.