Tundra busy doing Presentations

On Monday, Nov. 10th, Meshach, Tundra & I went to Vancouver to do 2 presentations. We travelled thru Sunday nite, so I was not away from the pups too long & leaving Sally with them all on her own.
Our first presentation was at Helping Spirit Lodge Society, an aboriginal program in Vancouver where we have visited many times before. It is really interesting to learn from the First Nation perspective, the real spiritual relationship they have with the wolf. They have a very special relationship with Tundra. The Executive Director, Tabitha Geraghty had her picture taken with Tundra which will be posted on their website.
Michael, our son spent the day with me & he joined in on the presentation & Tundra had not seen him since last January, so she spent much of her time engaging with him. I let Tundra off the leash & she wandered around the room visiting the 10-12 participants but she kept wondering back to Michael. For about 3-4 minutes, she displayed the wolf smile which is her mouth open showing all her teeth but in a very loving manner. Tundra was really happy & it was beautiful to watch & the participants were very pleased to see it as well. After spending about 1.5 – 2 hours there, we were off to Canuck Place for our next visit.

Our next stop on Monday’s tour was Canuck Place, the Children’s Hospice. A very special place with special children & staff. This is our 4th visit to Canuck Place & when I initially approached them about Tundra visiting they said, “a wolf” to see the children? They agreed & Tundra was so loving to the children & staff, we are now welcome to visit anytime we are in Vancouver.
Yesterday, there were 2 children there & both were nonverbal. A teenage girl in her wheelchair & a 10 year old boy, laying on the couch.
I talked to them about raising the pups & showed them video & pictures. Then I brought Tundra in to see the 2 children & the many staff who joined in. Michael was with us & Tundra gently walked around the room, visiting them all. The young girl let out happy squeals when Tundra approached & was very excited when Tundra stood beside her & she was able to rub her arm & hand on Tundra’s soft coat.
Tundra then wondered over to see the boy who was asleep on the couch for the whole visit. Tundra sniffed his face & hair & wanted to chew on his hair but I refrained her from doing that. His father was using his smartphone to record this on video to show his son & Dad said they will use this to work on a school project about wolves.
Tundra after walking around visiting for 10-15 minutes, went & laid down beside Michael who petted her & Tundra rolled onto her back to get her tummy rubbed for 10-15 minutes. People were in awe of this wolf being so friendly. She really is a great ambassador.
We left knowing that Tundra had amazed them again & we will be back for another visit, hopefully soon. Canuck Place is a wonderful organization & all the staff are very professional & dedicated to helping these children & their families in their difficult journey to getting some healing. It is gratifying to add some sunshine to their day & experience.

The final presentation yesterday was on the 9PM sailing to Nanaimo on BC Ferries. I had down 2 previous presentations on that run as well as on the trip from Hardy to Rupert.
I met the Chief Steward who had been briefed by her colleague that I did the other presentations with. There were only 136 passengers aboard & 60 of them showed up for the presentation which included about 10 crew members. I was glad to see the captain was still on the bridge. I spoke about 15-20 minutes about wolves & raising Nahanni & Mahikan. I showed them videos & pictures of the pups which they all enjoyed.
Then I asked who wanted to come down to the car deck to see Tundra & Meshach? Almost all of them followed me down & there had to be about 60 people at the back of the Tahoe. More crew members showed up as they were notified by radio calls from their colleagues. Meshach quite liked the attention & Tundra was low key, getting her picture taken & being petted. One lady got a wolf kiss on the nose & commented later that she never thought she would be kissed by a wolf. Some of the children got to pet Tundra. Then it was time to disembark & head home for a well deserved rest for these two.