Nahanni & Mahikan at 8 months

Dec. 15, 2014 – Well these 5 week old pups (when they arrived here) are now 8 months old. Hard to remember them at 5 weeks, so glad I got pictures & video. They have developed a great deal both physically & as well behaviorally. Both Nahanni & Mahikan are way more engaging with me. They now will come sit by me anytime of the day for a back or tummy rub. They always like to play with the older 2 wolfdogs. The pack is getting stronger & together.

Nahanni is now bigger than Meshach who is a pretty big boy at 115lbs. Nahanni weighs more & it about 1 inch taller. He is nearly the same height as Tundra.

Mahikan is over 70lbs. & is starting to get taller. She might get to Meshach’s height but not Tundra’s but she might be Tundra’s weight (in the mid 80’s).

Now that it is winter their coats are nice & thick. Nahanni has a very thick, white coat & Mahikan has developed a thick, black, silvery coat.

They have another 2-4 months more of skeleton growth, so will see what size they become.P1030810