Nahanni & Mahikan

Jan. 13, 2015 – Both pups have turned 9 months of age. Nahanni is bigger than Meshach in height & the same height as Tundra. At 120 lbs. he is the heaviest of the wolves.

Mahikan is 75 lbs. & is still the smallest of the wolves but she is getting there. She is very sweet as is Nahanni. However, he does dominate when it does come to food.

Both of them are very bonded to me now but they really enjoy playing with Tundra & Meshach. They love it when there is clear & dry weather because the two older wolfdogs go outside & they then get to associate with them.

I have developed a program called, ‘A Day with the Wolves’ where school groups come & visit us in Sointula.P1030819P1030827