Nearly one year old!

Nahanni & Mahikan turned 11 months old, one week ago. My they have grown since I brought them home. They are very comfortable here & have great delight in playing with the older wolves. Nahanni loves to play with Tundra & Mahikan loves Meshach. After dinner, they become very active with their usual track meet. Mahikan is so quick that usually Nahanni & Tundra can not catch her. She even slows up to wait for them & then deeks her way out.

Our early morning bonding session is the highlite of the day in my interaction with them. They like their treats and then usually lay back down to rest, with me giving them tummy rubs.

We are starting to get visitors again & Mahikan is getting quite social. She is always looking for the treats. Nahanni even came to the fence to sniff a lady’s hand which is quite a feat for him.P1030853 P1030847