Pups are 1 year old!

Nahanni & Mahikan turned one year on April 11 & 13 respectively. Much progress & size development have occurred in this past year. From the shy, very wary wolf pups I got from the breeder, with many hours of gentle interaction with them, they have developed into very loving, beautiful animals.

Both pups really enjoy the interaction with the 2 older wolfdogs, Tundra & Meshach. They are constantly wanting their approval. The real enjoyable time for me is 5AM when I greet them with their favorite treats & then give them tummy & back rubs. Nahanni can just lie there for 20 minutes getting this treatment while Mahikan lies there for as long as she can keep still then goes off exploring, only to return to continue the affection.

Nahanni is over 125 lbs., which is an estimate because I can not weigh him but he is bigger than Meshach who is 116lbs. Mahikan is approaching 80lbs. so she looks petite alongside Nahanni & the other wolfdogs but she is the quickest of them all. She could out run them all day & is a great hunter. Nahanni had caught a rat & had it is his mouth but within 15 seconds of catching the rat, Mahikan had stolen it from his mouth & then dispatched it.

Both Nahanni & Mahikan are getting more confident so with the upcoming visitor season they should become more socialized & confident around people. This is good for the school visitation program I have initiated.

Well see what year two brings.P1000377P1000375P1030868