Feb. 1/2011

On our early morning walk before breakfast, we heard wolves howl to the west of us & the pack across the lake to the south, responded for about 3-5 minutes. Tundra & Meshach listened intently & then a most exciting thing occured. Tundra who seldom howls as she is very quiet, let out a howl for 8-10 seconds. It was a very deep howl & after 5 seconds of silence, she howled again for 8-10 seconds. It was so incredible to see her respond to her wild cousins & it showed me the real wolf in her. The pack across the lake responded with some noise but it was not a howl. They must of been thinking, who is this new, strange wolf. It was an incredible moment.
Later in the morning, Linda & Roy phoned to say there was a wolf on the bay just outside their property. I drove the 2km to their place & the wolf was out on the ice heading back towards the resort. I got back into the truck & drove back 1km & saw the wolf out on the ice about 100yds. out. I got a picture & followed it with my binoculars. It was walking back towards the resort & I followed on foot but the wolf kept the 100yds. distance between it & me. It came up the bank, crossed the road & went into the woods where we walk early in the morning. Quite a successful wolf day! But it was not finished. Friends gave me a dead fawn they found on their farm which had apparently starved, so Tundra & Meshach got deer legs.