SWELL Wolf Education Centre & A Day With The Wolves

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SWELL Wolf Education Centre is located just south of Nanaimo & our mission is to educate the public, schools, and community groups of the vital importance of wolves in healthy ecosystems. Without wolves exercising their keystone role, ecosystems rapidly deteriorate.

We can no longer accept visitors to our property where the Centre is located as dictated by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). They state it is in violation of our residential zoning.

However, we can continue to do our important work educating the public about wolves. This RDN decision will not stop this important education program which we will conduct elsewhere.

Each Saturday and Sunday morning, we will invite people to come for a walk with Tundra. Participants will observe Tundra walking in the forest, displaying wolf behavior and interacting with her environment. These walks will commence at 8 AM and be 45-6o minutes in duration.

There will be plenty of opportunity for pictures, explanations of her behavior & opportunity for many questions. Upon finishing the walk we will adjourn to a local restaurant which has  graciously offered the use of their facility. We can enjoy coffee, breakfast, etc. while we watch videos of wolves, Tundra, Nahanni & Mahikan. There will be educational handouts provided to the participants at the restaurant. This portion of the program will run approximately 30 minutes.

Many participants have described our educational program as truly amazing and an unforgettable experience.

The location of each walk can be obtained by calling or emailing me:

Gary R. Allan

(250) 616-4682

Email: wolfman@whospeaksforwolf.com

No children under 6 years of age permitted to participate in the walk. No dogs allowed.

The cost for participation in this educational walk with Tundra, is $20 per adult & $10 per child. These monies support Tundra’s School Program which allows school children to experience a visit from Tundra.