International Wolf Centre – one of the premiere websites on wolves. Great info & lots of wolf ideas for teachers

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre – wolf education and promoting conservation of BC wolves

You Tube video of Tundra –

Youtube video of Tundra –

Youtube video of Gorgeous “wolf” pups – – copy & paste into browser

Youtube video of Pup’s Development –

Tundra at Marigold Elementary School –

After Hours Interview with Gary R. Allan & Tundra (about caribou & aerial wolf cull in BC) – Part 1:

After Hours Interview with Gary R. Allan & Tundra – Part 2:

Octavia”s Blog on SWELL Wolf Education Centre – – go to this site to donate to Tundra’s School Program – SHAW TV video of SWELL Wolf Education Centre











Recommended Reading

The Last Wild Wolves by Ian McAllister

Arctic Wild by Lois Crisler

Sea Wolves by Ian McAllister (good for children)

Wolf Island by Celia Godkin (great for children, teaching them the ecological value of wolves)

Among Wolves by Gordon Haber & Marybeth Holleman (great insights into wolf society)


links2Recommended DVD’s

Yellowstone ~ PBS Nature

Lords of Nature ~ Green Fire Productions

Wolves at our Door ~ Discovery Channel


Interesting Wolf Facts PDFs for download

English Version ~ download

Dutch Version ~ download

German Version ~ download